Last Monday saw the first Kilkenny ‘Club Connect’ online meeting take place. The meeting, led by new county Chairperson Séamus Knox and county secretary Sinéad Booth, was attended by Secretaries and Chairpersons from clubs throughout Kilkenny. The purpose of this meeting was to provide a platform for the county board to further support and engage with our clubs outside the parameters of a county board meeting. Clubs also got an opportunity to further connect with each other. The occasion also facilitated a presentation of our, soon to launch, 3 Year plan by County Development Officer Kevin Cunningham to the club chairpersons and secretaries for discussion and approval. The Kilkenny LGFA Club Connect initiative is in its early stages but future plans to facilitate such conferences are in the pipeline. At a time when we are seeing less of each other in person this initiative strives to keep the connections and discussions alive between our clubs and county board. Many of our clubs have new personnel appointed as their chairperson and secretary this year and are very pleased with the support the Kilkenny LGFA Club Connect offers them from county board level and the opportunity it provides them to learn from other ladies football clubs in Kilkenny.