“Remember that just as football is a team sport on the pitch it is also a team sport off the pitch.”


Volunteers are the most valuable asset to any club and it is essential that clubs value the time and dedication shown by these people throughout the country. A volunteer is someone who gives time, energy and talents to others, expecting nothing in return. Volunteering is about giving your time to partake in activities that benefit others but the most important thing to remember is that people should have fun and enjoy their role as a volunteer.


Why do People Volunteer?

  • Because they were ASKed
  • Because they, their friends or family are involved in the sport
  • To meet new people or develop new social networks


Download our Volunteer Charter (PDF, 133KB)

What is the Ready Steady Coach Volunteer Recruitment Programme?

A volunteer recruitment Coaching programme aimed at providing support and assistance to new volunteers interested in helping with coaching or running a team within the club Target group for this programme would be Clubs with new Volunteers who would like to assist with running or coaching a team within the club.  Participants must be 16 years of age and over.  Duration would be approximately 2.5 Hours.

How much does this programme cost?

Fee for programme is €100. Venue and refreshment costs if applicable.

What steps does your Club take to Organise Ready Steady Coach?

  1. Minimum numbers required is 6 NEW Volunteers interested in helping with coaching or running a team within the club.
  2. Club Coaches : A Coach from each of the teams in your club MUST ATTEND as they will act as buddies for the new volunteers
  3. Choose a suitable date to run this in your club.
  4. Reserve your venue Indoor Sports hall/area for the practical element which must be big enough to cater for demonstration of drills and warm up games.
  5. Meeting room for the theory element to include a table to hold a laptop/projector and sufficient sockets and chairs to seat participants comfortably
  6. Contact Clare Conlon(details below) to ensure date available and book date for the programme
  7. Advertise Ready Steady Coach in your club and encourage mentors of all your teams to identify possible volunteers. Many of these people stand on the sideline and watch training sessions and matches but are never asked to get involved
  8. Tutor will contact club to confirm numbers 3/4 days before programme
  9. Programme takes place and new volunteers are ‘buddied’ with existing mentors to get involved in the club

If you would like to organise a Ready Steady Coach Programme in your club please contact:


Clare Conlon at (01) 8363156 or email: developmentsupport@lgfa.ie