John Murphy, a native of Crettyard Co. Laois, has been ratified as the new Kilkenny Adult Ladies Gaelic Football Manager. John has a vast and diverse coaching experience background in ladies football. This year alone he coached the Crettyard Junior county title winning team, the SETU Carlow LGFA team and not to mention the U7s.. However his most valuable experience for the role probably comes from his coaching journey with the Laois LGFA adult team from 2019-2023. In his role there he was instrumental in the incredible growth and development of the squad. They went from a position as a lower division 3 team to winning a division 3 title in 2021. They also went from being an intermediate team well off the reckoning for titles, to winning an All Ireland Intermediate title in 2022 and then maintaining senior status in 2023.

John is eager to get started in his role as Kilkenny Adult Manager and says there’s a lot to look forward to.

He states, ‘With great challenges comes great opportunities. I have experienced first hand how development can happen if everyone strives together towards a common goal.’

John continues, ‘There must be no stone left unturned. If everyone is determined to leave no stone unturned it will help the players and the team development.’ He will be pushing for this in all respects of preparing this team for the 2024 season and says, ‘If all the correct support is in place then there is absolutely no reason going forward that Kilkenny can’t be competitive.’

John commends the previous management and county board for getting Kilkenny back to competition which he acknowledges as a great but difficult first step. He also added that he is extremely pleased by professionalism of the county board. Support is also coming in strong for this team in sponsorship from Tírlán and Clunetech which will help tremendously in getting all the correct supports in place. The background team is currently being finalised and there will be some familiar Kilkenny names included.

John states that the approach is going to be very player and club centred. He emphasises that clubs are crucial to success and points out that without the clubs there would be nothing to build on. John will be looking to build good relations with the adult managers and players from the get go and is looking forward to settling into his role as the Kilkenny Ladies Gaelic Football Adult County Manager.