There is huge support for Ladies Gaelic Football in Kilkenny and the proof was in the mass of people who showed up last night in the Hoban Hotel to discuss development of the sport in the county. Over 60 people attended which is a massive show of support. National Development Officer, Clare Dowdall, had this to say, ‘The number of people who attended is phenomenal…up to now we’ve never had this amount attend a Club Forum and when you consider the amount of clubs in Kilkenny to other more traditional football counties then it emphasises even more how significant this attendance figure is.’ The club forum is part of a new LGFA National Strategic Plan initiative which sees Kilkenny being chosen as a county of focus for 2020. All thoughts and ideas aired at last nights gathering will now be compiled into a practical 3 year whole county development plan. Croke Park will continue to support Kilkenny in the coming months with training and workshops in any area of need highlighted by the plan. Kilkenny Ladies Football has seen  a significant rise in participation figures with numbers doubling in recent years and this support from Croke Park will surely drive the sport on even more in the coming years.

There are currently ten fully established clubs in Kilkenny, namely, Dunnamaggin, Thomastown, Muckalee, Railyard, Erins Own, John Lockes, Kilkenny City, Clara, Tullogher-Rosbercon and Piltown. There are also three clubs (Dicksboro, 3 Counties, Tullartoan) who at present cater only for Mothers&Others. Dunnamaggin, Piltown, Erins Own and Thomastown also cater for this non-competitive, fun group.